The Claudia and Nelson Peltz Social Lab at the Museum of Tolerance

An immersive museum experience features advanced technologies to engage audiences and promote tolerance.




Los Angeles, CA





Each wing incorporates one large 100-point capability touchscreen for group interactivity, an ultra-high-resolution video display to guide the presentation and audio communicating alternative views.

The Social Lab is a 10,000 square feet experiential space at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA that aims to help visitors understand and overcome contemporary prejudices and social issues.

Technology plays a key role in engaging digital-savvy visitors. Videos, ultra-high-resolution touchscreens with 100-point capability, a unique media cube using dynamic projection on four glass surfaces and powerful soundscapes immerse visitors in 15 distinct spaces. Together, they promote tolerance and inclusion by taking visitors on a journey of self-discovery.

Electrosonic has worked with the Museum for over 25 years and was involved from initial concept through detailed technology design and specification to build and system integration and help desk support, working in partnership with Museum owner Simon Wiesenthal Center, exhibit designer Yazdani Studios and content producers Unified Field.

The large-scale installation required special projection techniques, high levels of complex integration, a sophisticated content management and distribution platform and a virtualized platform that hosted the overall museum control system. Working closely with Smart Monkeys, Electrosonic implemented the ISAAC platform to create a virtualized platform to host the control, monitoring, user and content management systems.

Smart Monkeys, as a subcontractor to Electrosonic, also provided Q-SYS, RealMotion, and Medialon programming, as well as AV network configuration and management, and additional LUA scripting.