We take a systematic approach to implementing our solutions, ensuring highly efficient operational workflows and minimizing downtime.


Our team has a genuine passion for designing, programming, and supporting Show Control systems and installations. With years of experience under our belts, this is what we do day in and day out.

Goal Focused

We are a team of experienced industry professionals who understand the mechanics and specificity of your business.


All our programmers are efficient at more than one discipline. One person to cover Show Control, Audio DSP and Network? More flexibility and less expense.


If your schedule changes and our assigned engineer isn’t available, we’ll dispatch another one to fully support your project.

Fast & Efficient

A single programmer for a few days, or several for months at a time, we provide you with a task force that meets your requirements.

3 Months Free Support

We take pride in our work and want to ensure your satisfaction. That's why we offer a 90-day warranty after the completion of our services. If there are any bugs, corrections, or modifications needed to match the original scope of work, we'll take care of them at no extra cost to you.

Plus, you'll have direct access to our Technical Support Center during this period for free, where our experts will be available to assist you.

About Support

Expert Programing

Over the years, our team has acquired unmatched skills on the different platforms used for Show Control.

Custom Web App

Want a specific workflow to manage your system? We can custom design and implement a web app to help make your life easier.


A custom app is best if you:

  • need full control over the layout, components, and design

  • need advanced security features

  • need a mobile experience

Web App

Access from a web browser.

Unlimited Pages

No page limitations.

Advanced Security

Security can be configured based on your requirements.

Custom Design System

A comprehensive design system built specifically for your requirements.

Responsive Layout

Layout and components can be designed for multiple devices and sizes.

Advanced Components

Complex components can be designed and implemented.

Custom Icons

Newer icons compared to Node-RED in addition to custom icons.

Custom Navigation

Allows for a custom navigation that works best for your app.

Advanced Tabs & Page Nesting

Implement complex pages with tabs and nested pages.

UX/UI Designer

Design system is custom crafted with accessibility and best practices in mind.


We are known for deploying complex and unconventional Q-SYS architectures. Leveraging the power of advanced Lua scripting, we are pushing the limits of what can be done with this industry-leading platform. We’ve also developed our own Q-SYS plugins.


Our level of experience on that product line is second to none. Period. We have worked on more than 150 projects involving Medialon’s control software and we’ve even created a full collection of plugins for that environment.

For Integrators

It can be challenging to keep up with control technologies, protocols, communication interfaces, and new standards. Especially if you can’t afford the full-time resources, training and support. We can help fill that gap.

Reduce Risk

We work with you to quote our services based on the project scope. You can budget our work confidently from the start. No overtime ratio, no hidden fees.

Instant Experts

Our team of experts are ready to get started immediately. A single programmer for a few days, or several for months at a time, we provide you with what you need.

Peace of mind

We understand the mechanics and specificity of your business. We warrant your work for 90 days with full access to our support services structure.


We know how projects go and we make it easy for you.

Long Day

Today’s a long day! It happens, but we still charge you no more than 8hrs.*

Consistent Rates

Our rates stay the same for nights, weekends or holidays. We work with your specific project schedule without additional cost.

Don't Overpay

Don’t overpay. We charge for time booked. Leftover is for you to keep.*

Peace of mind

If the schedule slips or things go sideways, we’ll work with you to embrace these changes at no additional cost.*

* Our Programming Services are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs and may bear special requirements, terms, and conditions.

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Substitution at no cost
Smart Monkeys, Inc. will provide free substitution based on availability and schedule. This service is offered entirely at Smart monkeys, Inc.’s discretion. Exceptions may apply.
90 day warranty
Smart Monkeys, Inc.’s 90 day warranty covers only the work performed under the initial contract scope. Additional work done to correct covered bugs and errors, distinctive scope additions ordered after initial commissioning, and any ancillary tasks, such as design or project management, paid or complementary, not included in the initial scope of work, will not extend the warranty duration. Free access to Smart Monkeys, Inc.’s Technical Support Center is not entitled to guaranteed response time.
Full day rate
As a general rule, a day of work is charged as an 8hr rate. Overtime is not accounted for unless considered as unreasonable and/or repeatedly abused. Smart Monkeys, Inc. reserves the right to charge overtime at the regular hourly rate if necessary.
No overpay
Purchase Orders for programming services are usually considered as Not To Exceed. Ordered hours that are not worked and have not already been scheduled will not be charged, unless such cancelation inflicts direct financial loss to Smart Monkeys, Inc.
Unforeseen changes
In case of changes initiated by the customer and impacting resource needs and requirements, work schedule, or project timeframe, efforts on our part to adapt to these changes will not be charged unless such changes result in direct financial loss to Smart Monkeys, Inc. or our inability to perform agreed upon scope of work. This service is offered entirely at Smart monkeys, Inc.’s discretion.