We use cutting-edge technology and design techniques to create custom solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible in AV installations.

Our Design Services

Elevating your operations through expert design.

Control Systems

From a small and simple corporate showroom to a full scale world-class theme park.

Operation Workflow

Creating a comprehensive design narrative focused on feature centric engineering.

System Monitoring

Maximize system availability through intelligent and proactive monitoring implementation.

AV Headend

We excel at complexity such as parade systems and first-rate entertainment venues.

Content Delivery

Content management and distribution has become one of our most praised specialty.

AV Network

Network-integrated technologies are essential to any modern AV infrastructure.

Integrated Systems

Our approach to System Design is an equal balance between Hardware and Software. In today’s technology environment it is unrealistic to treat them separately.

Balancing Hardware & Software

Many systems can rely on off-the-shelf products and don’t require extensive custom software development which is usually a threat to operational reliability and long term financial viability.

Integrated Platform

Smart Monkeys Inc. specialize in providing consulting, design and support service for Facility Wide Control Architecture and Content Delivery Systems.


We provide systems built upon a proven and fully integrated platform that runs multiple operating systems and multiple applications at the same time within one highly integrated virtualization platform.

It brings incredible scalability and unprecedented reliability. Fault and security isolation is managed at the hardware level and advanced resource controls help preserve performance.

Centralized Interface

On the software side, we work on delivering a centralized user experience and an integrated control over your entire system.

Scheduling, User management, remote access and assets configuration is all in one place. Automated fail over, assisted content ingestion process and extensive activity logging are some of the system capabilities that we regularly implement in our installations.


Also, that kind of design and platform allow for incredible deployment flexibility.

Relying on virtualization, the inclusion of temporary systems like interactivity, social networks and mobile application server is fast and highly cost effective. The structure is ready to support these inclusions with very minimal cost and resources.

Integrated Project

View an example of a project that utilizes the integrated platform approach. The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) has been designed to create both an unprecedented passenger experience and a new source of non-aeronautical revenues.

LAX Media System

Los Angeles, CA

MRA International






For Designers

If you create new concepts, sell ideas and designs, or translate them into technical specifications, you know that selecting the right control equipment is the key to creating immersive and captivating experiences. We can work for your design team.


To ensure success, the initial concept's equipment list must both technically meet requirements and facilitate seamless interaction among its components, enabling flawless realization of the creative idea.

Expert Help

Our experts help you with designing and engineering the perfect technical solution. Using our Technical Specification process to ensure the final system delivers the experience you or your client envisioned.