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SMI Lists MXM is providing Medialon programmers with a set of commands fully dedicated to list objects manipulation. Simple and easy, you will search, resize, reverse and merge lists in seconds. You can sort a list and automatically keep associated lists synced to it. Commands like "Convert to Medialon List" and " List Adjust Position" will save you a lot of time and many lines of code. Simple calculation (min, max, sum, average) are included and duplicates or empty items can be removed quickly.

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  • Medialon Manager Pro Version 6.5.1 and later

  • Medialon Manager Lite Version 6.5.1 and later

  • Showmaster Go, Pro, ST or LE only (Firmware 2.4.0 and later)


The SMI MxMs

Medialon Manager and Showmaster includes MXMs plug-ins to add functionalities or control the new type of devices encountered in modern AV / IT installations: SQL Database for data management, FTP Site for media management and transfer, Email engine, Telephony engine to build up a DTMF server, etc. To extend the set of tools provided with Medialon Manager software, Smart Monkeys, Inc. (SMI) has developed a series of additional MxMs that give programmers even more flexibility and capabilities. Please, refer to Medialon General User's Guide for more details on MXMs and MRCs