JL Cooper MXL Midnight

$ 149.00 USD

The SMI JL Cooper MXL Midnight MxM provides full control of the JL Cooper fader controller, which features high-quality, touch-sensitive, 100mm motorized faders and high-resolution backlit LCD display buttons. Using this MxM, you can easily and dynamically customize the look and functionality of the controls on the MXL Midnight and use them as triggers in your programming.

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  • Medialon Manager Pro Version 6.5.1 and later

  • Medialon Manager Lite Version 6.5.1 and later

  • Showmaster Go, Pro, ST or LE only (Firmware 2.4.0 and later)


The SMI MxMs

Medialon Manager and Showmaster includes MXMs plug-ins to add functionalities or control the new type of devices encountered in modern AV / IT installations: SQL Database for data management, FTP Site for media management and transfer, Email engine, Telephony engine to build up a DTMF server, etc. To extend the set of tools provided with Medialon Manager software, Smart Monkeys, Inc. (SMI) has developed a series of additional MxMs that give programmers even more flexibility and capabilities. Please, refer to Medialon General User's Guide for more details on MXMs and MRCs