MxM Registration Guide

Before you start

You need to purchase a license from our store

1. Get License Key

We've got your License Request

Thanks for reaching out! We'll get back to you with your license as soon as possible.

Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.

2. Wait for License Key

After submitting the Get License Key form above, we appreciate your patience as we process your request and generate a license key for you.

3. Download & Run the Installer

Once you have your license key, download the installer zip file if you haven't already. Only one installer is needed for all MxM's.

After downloading, run the installer.

4. Launch Medialon

1. Start Medialon Manager and create a New Device by selecting the SMI MxM you installed as the "Type" field.

2. The setup box will open upon device creation and the license status for this installation will be displayed

3. If no valid license was found, then you should enter your own in field #1 (see picture below), then press Register (#2). The license status will appear in the status display immediately (#3).

If it doesn't work, try entering your license number again (it should have 12 digits including one letter), or contact us.

Need more help?

Watch our short video on how to license the MxM.

Medialon Serial Guide


The SMI MxM plugins you purchased must be linked to your Medialon Software using a license key.


Send us the serial number from the physical USB protection key.

Medialon Showmaster

Send us the Showmaster serial number.

Sending us the serial number allows us to generate a license key that you can use to complete registration. You must provide this serial number within 30 days after purchase or your order may be cancelled with no refund.