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  By Amore PAcific

Smart Monkeys, Inc. is proud to have worked on this beautiful project with Electrosonic and BRC Imagination Arts to redefine the factory tour with Story Garden at the AmorePacific Beauty Campus in Osan, Korea.

Visitors enter this sprawling campus through lush botanical gardens populated with contemporary art installations, galleries, and  contemplative spaces. From the grand, light filled lobby featuring fine art, visitors are immersed in the moving story of AmorePacific’s origins, their rigorous scientific integrity, and deeply-held social values.


Smart Monkeys, Inc. programmed the show controller to blend exhibits, immersive media, interpretive art installations and original music

into a one of a kind inspiring brand story. We also designed and implemented the network architecture.


The project won the 2013 Silver Spark Experience Design, 2013 Bronze International Design Award, and a THEA Award

for Outstanding Achievement

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