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ISAAC Basics Webinar Series

Smart Monkeys, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is running a series of webinars to delve into the ISAAC platform, which has been created by the company in order to provide a simple solution to complex issues in entertainment systems. The ISAAC platform has been used around the globe for scheduling, system logging, user management, remote access and virtualisation.

The webinar series kicked off with episodes on ISAAC basics. These sessions provide an introduction to each of the platform’s major components, beginning with the ISAAC workspace.

During the first episodes, participants are taken through a walkthrough of the workspace as the Smart Monkeys team gives an overview of how each section of the web interface is used, from initial setup to daily operation. This is an ideal opportunity for an interactive introduction to the platform’s capabilities.

“The ISAAC platform has reached a great level of maturity and its popularity is growing every day,” says Stephan Villet, managing partner at Smart Monkeys, Inc. “It makes sense to offer a better way for everyone to learn about what this incredible platform can do through a live and dynamic webinar.”

The series consists of three separate webinars which highlight the major components of the ISAAC Platform:

The Workspace, Platform Architecture, and 3rd Party Modules.

You can register to watch ISAAC Basics Webinar Series by clicking here.

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