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Smart Monkeys, Inc. introduces five new MxM plug-ins for Medialon Show Control

A few years back, Smart Monkeys, Inc. started publishing a series of MxM plug-ins for the Medialon Show Control product line. The SMI MxM Series redefines the way Medialon users program shows and installations by offering easier programming, shorter code and faster computation. Today, an additional five plug-ins are added to the ever-growing collection.

“We are thrilled to offer new possibilities to Medialon users all over the world.” says Smart Monkeys co-founder, Stephan Villet. “Our collection of MxMs is a powerful toolkit that allows programmers to be more flexible and work a lot faster.”

The newly available SMI MxMs are SMI LTC Reader MxM, SMI Crown MxM, and three SMI JL Cooper MxM. SMI Crown MxM is available for free and although Medialon users need a license to register each of the other SMI MxM plug-ins and use them in programs, the software can be downloaded immediately from the Smart Monkeys, Inc. online store for testing features in the Medialon Manager Demo mode.

SMI JL Cooper MXL Midnight MxM provides full control of the JL Cooper fader controller, which features high-quality, touch-sensitive, 100mm motorized faders and high-resolution backlit LCD display buttons.

SMI JL Cooper Sharpshot MxM provides full control of the JL Cooper ultra-compact desktop controller. The Sharpshot has eight, hi-res, remotely-relegendable 64 x 32 LCD keyswitches, along with one push-button, and a rotary encoder.

SMI JL Cooper Eclipse 24 MxM provides full control of the JL Cooper desktop controller. The Eclipse 24 is commonly used for mission critical playback and control in broadcast automation, production and other applications.

The JL Cooper plug-ins are priced at $149 each.

SMI LTC Reader MxM gives Medialon the ability to receive timecode directly from a Q-SYS Core over the network, eliminating the need for any physical LTC hardware. The MxM can read timecode at the standard rates of 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, and 100fps. The plug-in is priced at $299.

Finally, SMI Crown MxM allows for quick and simple monitoring of Crown Amplifiers, and the ability to mute audio channels. This plug-in is free and part of the installation package.

In addition, Smart Monkeys, Inc. offers the SMI MxM Pack, which bundles all twelve available plug-ins for $749, a greatly reduced price compared to individual purchases.

For more info and to download the SMI MxM Series:

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