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We are already in the middle of the year and you might be wondering what have Smart Monkeys, Inc. been up to. Presently we are under a lot of confidential restrictions and are limited to what we can disclose. However, we can say that we have been able to expand our market beyond the company’s initial audience. Now specializing in Entertainment, Architainment and Edutainment, we cater to the technical needs of the growing demand that industries other than Theme Parks are currently adapting to. This year alone, Smart Monkeys has been contracted to work on a wide range of projects such as Museums, Airports, Live Shows, Shopping Malls, and Amusement Parks. As the technological trends become more advanced, these industries have an increased need for more interactive, intelligent and user friendly AV systems.

If you have been on any of our social media accounts lately you’ve probably noticed that we have been using the hashtag #2016yearofthemonkeys. Not only is 2016 considered the year of the monkey in the Chinese tradition but with the exponential growth of our company, we feel that 2016 is our year. With a new office, redesigned website and growing team, we are excited for what is ahead of us and are welcoming of the transformation. Now that you know the meaning behind our hashtag, be sure to continue following the journey of Smart Monkeys, Inc. Not only will you see first-hand what 2016 has in store for the company, but you will be sure to witness how this new revolution will unfold.

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