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SMI Update: 2015 Recap

The New Year has begun and Smart Monkeys has started 2016 by working on some major projects that will soon be announced.

Royal Caribbean International: Harmony of the Seas

RCCL Harmony of the Seas

We ended 2015 successfully completing the Audio Visual Network Design for Videlio HMS which teamed up with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to release their newest ship; The Harmony of the Seas. This ship is set to arrive in May 2016 and presently holds the record of the largest cruise ship in the world. Measuring at 227,000 tons, this cruise ship is 16 decks high and will hold a record of 5,479 passengers at double occupancy. Not bad for another project under Smart Monkey’s belt.

Radio City: Christmas Spectacular

The Rockettes Dance in Times Square in 'New York at Christmas'

In April of 2015, Madison Square Garden called upon Smart Monkeys to reprogram their entire Christmas Show. A few months prior, we successfully incorporated Medialon software into Radio City’s new show control system. Radio City Music Hall is a world renowned entertainment venue located in the heart of New York City. With the eye popping showcases featuring a blend of art, design, music and visuals, it is clear why Radio City Hall is nicknamed the “Showplace of the Nation”. We are proud to have completed our 1st year of programming for Radio City for both the Spring Spectacular released in June as well as the Christmas Spectacular which debuted in late November.

Looking back at 2015, SMI has achieved some major accomplishments and look forward to the upcoming projects we have in progress for 2016. Be sure to stay tuned for more SMI updates.

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