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SMI selected by Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Orlando International Airport

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to be a part of a $1.8 billion Capital Improvement Plan for the Orlando International Airport (MCO). This massive improvement plan will include: an expansion of 1.6 million square feet that holds 16-24 gates, upgraded seating, built in docking stations and will even feature live entertainment in the main terminal during peak travel times.

With approximately 36 million passengers, MCO Airport is the second busiest airport in Florida as well as the 14th busiest in the U.S. This expansion will add to the capacity by allowing the airport to accommodate up to 45 million passengers annually. The Orlando International Airport will also be the first U.S. airport to implement biometric kiosks to expedite the arrival experience for those travelers from visa waiver countries. These self-service kiosks will have the capability to process international passengers who have Electronic System for Travel Authorization approval before travel. This is a big technological advantage.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is making customer service a strong focus and will implement advanced state of the art technology in order to deliver “The Orlando Experience®”. With all these new technological improvements, GOAA selected the team they believed were the best to bring to light their vision. Following the highly praised LAX Media System, Smart Monkeys, Inc. has been selected along with MRA International, Sardi Design and Burns Engineering to design this ambitious Multimedia Environment. We are thrilled to be selected and will continue to push innovation to the next level.

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