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Shopping in Style

Liberty Center

Traveling to Cincinnati anytime soon? Do you love to shop till you drop? Steiner + Associates presents Liberty Center Mall opening in mid October 2015. Smart Monkeys, Inc. has had the pleasure of being a part of such a massive project working on what we do best. Based on our history, you might assume SMI is limited to working on projects that only involve show control but this is far from accurate.

Since the beginning of 2015, Smart Monkeys, Inc. has been working on the design phase centering around the ISAAC platform. For the last few weeks, our engineers have been on the Liberty Center project site implementing the innovative features this new mall will showcase. The 64-acre site will include a dynamic retail environment with fine dining, an upscale residential area and a wide range of entertainment options.

When you happen to be in the Cincinnati area and are seeking entertainment, be sure to visit the Liberty Center Mall. As you walk through and experience what we like to call the “architainment” this mall has to provide, think of Smart Monkeys and maybe then you will realize that we obtain such endless innovative and ambitious qualities that makes it impossible for us to be forced into a limited box of just show control.

Smart Monkeys' project team
  • Alan Anderson: Design, Programming & Project Management

  • Mitch Schuh: Architecture Design, Network & Programming

  • Jorge Rodriguez: Project Engineer & Programming

  • Olivier Moser: Project Support Engineer

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