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Kennedy Space Center presents - Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted

Ever wonder about what it would be like to travel to Mars? What about living in a tiny capsule and experiencing the hazards of space? NASA’s Kennedy Space Center can give you a feel of what that would be like. You might ask how? Well, the new exhibit Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted can give you a sense of that reality through live presentation. How did they bring such an innovative idea to reality? Kennedy Space Center decided to team up with BRC Imagination Arts to design and produce the concept along with a little help from TechMD and Smart Monkeys, Inc.

What part did Smart Monkeys Inc. play in this process? The Show Control part of course. For three weeks our Engineers Mitchell Schuh and Jorge Rodriguez went out to design and program the system that controls the visuals you see and hear within the presentation. Audio, Video Projection, Lighting, you name it. Using Medialon software, SMI created a graphical user interface to control the timing of these different sequences. Timing is crucial when it comes to a perfect presentation and one effect out of sequence can spoil the whole presentation to the viewer. With the use of great products such as Delta’s 7th Sense video players, it worked perfectly to bring to life a concept and understanding to the outside world, which was once a mystery.

Smart Monkeys' project team
  • Alan Anderson: Programming & Project Management

  • Mitch Schuh & JOrge Roddriguez: Project Engineer & Programming

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