SMI Strings MxM makes strings manipulation even more powerful, offering a complete new set of commands never available before in Medialon Manager.

Split, swap and trim strings. Count substrings, convert or remove non-print characters, check string format.

And as this is not enough, SMI Strings MxM introduces Regex to Medialon's programming. Regex (regular expressions) is a codified method of searching that is extremely powerful and well known to developers around the world. With SMI Strings MxM and the Regex syntax, string computation is limitless.


  • Although you need a license to register this MxM and use it in your programs, you can download it immediately and test its features while in Medialon Manager Demo mode (start your Medialon software without the physical protection key plugged in).

    This product license must be linked to a Medialon Manager Software protection key or Medialon Showmaster hardware serial number.

    You will be asked to provide a valid Medialon serial number after you completed your purchase.