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SMI MxM Series is a collection of MxM plugins for Medialon Show Control product line, designed and published by Smart Monkeys, Inc.


For the first time since Medialon Manager has been made available to programmers around the world, an independent company is offering additional tools to improve the Medialon show control software's capabilities. This collection of MxMs is a powerful toolkit that allows programmers to be more flexible and work a lot faster.

The Variables MxM provides tools that once used, you can't live without.

David Birchall

DB Show Control, UK

The most powerful feature in my opinion is the variable pointer.

Louis-Pierre Morin

Proxee, Canada

Medialon's technical team is impressed with the powerful functionality Smart Monkeys' new MxMs bring to the table.

Eric Cantrell

Medialon, USA

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SMI Strings MxM offers a complete new set of commands. And with the implementation of Regular Expressions there is nothing you won't be able to do with strings anymore.

Media Info

SMI Media Info MxM is an incredibly easy to use Media Metadata aggregator supporting tons of audio, video and picture codecs and formats.


SMI Tables MxM brings the power of arrays, tables, databases (you name it) right inside Medialon products. No additional software required. And it works with both Medialon Manager Pro or Lite and Showmaster Pro or ST!


SMI Lua MXM provides a direct interface to a Lua execution engine running inside of the MxM.

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SMI Lists MxM gives an extended power over List objects manipulations. 


SMI Variables MxM implements pointers and more to Medialon Products. This will change the way you manage variables in your projects and save you hundreds of lines of code.


Facilitating time formatting and adding functionalities like automated alarms and sunrise/sunset calculation, SMI Time MXMprovides a great toolbox to streamline your programming.

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And some more...

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