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SMI MxMs are free to download, but you need to buy a license to use them in your projects.


The Medialon Manager Software


Medialon Manager software can be freely downloaded at Medialon website. Once installed, Medialon Manager software will start in Demo Mode. In order to use the software with all its features, you'll need to buy a Medialon License which comes with a physical USB protection key. You can only access all the power of the Medialon Manager software when the physical key is connected.


It works the same way with SMI MxM Series. You can download any SMI MxM for free and test it with Medialon Manager in Demo Mode (just start without the physical USB protection key plugged in). To use a SMI MxM in normal mode you need to register the SMI MxM and link it to the Medialon physical USB protection key.


The Medialon Showmaster hardware


Medialon Showmaster Editor software doesn't provide any "Demo mode", you'll therefore need to download Medialon Manager software in order to fully test the SMI MxMs without the proper software key or hardware.


Buy your SMI MxM


To buy a SMI MxM License, visit our store. After you placed an order, you'll receive a confirmation email and instructions to provide your Medialon physical USB protection key serial number (as show on the picture above). To license the SMI MxM on Medialon Showmaster, you'll need to provide the Showmaster serial number.


NOTE: The serial number is visible through Medialon Showmaster Editor. IT MAY DIFFER from the serial number on the Showmaster unit chassis:.

You must provide this protection key serial number within the next 30 days, or your order may be cancelled with no refund. We'll then send you a License Number that will link your MxM to the protection key you provided.


The license you buy is valid for only one protection key or Showmaster unit (one serial number).

You need a different license number for each SMI MxM.


Your license can be installed on multiple computers but will only run when the appropriate physical protection key or Showmaster unit is plugged in.


Register your SMI MxM


Once downloaded, you can install any SMI MxM by launching the installer and and following the prompts.

1. Start Medialon Manager and create a New Device.

2. Choose the SMI MxM you installed as the type of the device.

3. The setup box will open upon device creation and a the license status for this installation will be displayed.

If no valid license was found, then you should enter your own in field #1 (see picture below), then press Register (#2). The license status will appear in the status display immediately (#3).

If it doesn't work, try entering your license number again (it should have 12 digits including one letter), or contact us.

SMI MxM Series - Licensing (video)

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