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104 million pixels overall

The US$3.4 billion, 1,390-room, MGM Cotai Integrated Resort, in Macau, China – MGM’s second integrated casino, hotel and entertainment complex in the territory – opened earlier this year (2018) with an innovative, multi-dimensional sensory experience at its core: Spectacle.


Electrosonic and its trusted partners Smart Monkeys, Analog Way, Grass Valley, disguise (formerly d3 Technologies), Meyer Sound and QSC are among the companies supplying the expertise and technology required to create the Spectacle’s immense LED canvas and immersive audio system.


The integrator’s Design Consulting Group specified the choice of technology for the Spectacle AV control system and LED walls – plus outdoor and lobby displays – with significant collaboration from Smart Monkeys in designing the video and control head-end (control centre). Electrosonic partnered with Smart Monkeys to design and program a fully IT-integrated system featuring its ISAAC control system; Electrosonic also provided Spectacle’s complex engineering, integration and project management.


Close collaboration between all of the stakeholders from the design phase onwards was key to the success of Spectacle. The three-year project involved design/specification, LED manufacturer evaluation, engineering, production and programming phases.

Smart Monkeys' team concentrated on the head-end system design, programming and deployment.

“This massive head-end system supports 72 million pixels across 25 individual 4mm LED screens that stretch 1,000m around the Spectacle space,” explains Josh Cottrell, senior account manager at Electrosonic. “Twelve million pixels are pushed to the exterior LED screens and 20 million pixels support a large lobby screen.”

MGM Spectacle Racks testing
MGM Cotai Spectacle

“The scope of this project is quite incredible,” opines Andrzej Lubaszka, chief technologist, Analog Way. “Considering that the Spectacle is one continuous integrated system in the same room, it is the largest single integrated system that Analog Way has sold to date.”


“Even though I’m sure the control system is quite complicated, as it needs to seamlessly manage the entire fleet of equipment, the team at Smart Monkeys was very efficient at incorporating the Ascenders into the control system.”

MGM COTAI Spectacle
MGM Spectacle LED wall

Original Article - Installation international June 2018

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