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Integrated System at the heart of a massive $350M Town Center Development.


Liberty Center is a multi-use center that brings together the community’s recreational, social and civic passions by anchoring its citizen’s state-of-mind to an attainable state-of-being. Liberty Center artfully blends freedom and work, clarity and culture, kinship and community. It is holistically designed with a mindful approach to building enduring relationships between local businesses, people and place. Situated between Cincinnati and Dayton, Liberty Center brings together over 100 acres to form the most community-centric and balanced approach to private-public partnerships in the region..

Steiner+Associates are nationally known for their new urbanism approach to place-making and for their successful community-oriented destinations. Their latest project, North Cincinnati’s Liberty Center, is a 64-acre mixed-use development focused on Community Life, Well-Being and Connectivity. As tangible symbols of these values, Steiner commissioned long-time collaborator Sardi Design to plan and design three architecturally integrated media features for Liberty, each supporting a specific community purpose and helping reinforce the sense of place at this new landmark destination.

An Experiential Media Program.


Smart Monkeys, Inc. was responsible for System Design, Engineering and Integration. The system at the core of the installation is an ISAAC® platform, hosting several of the property wide subsystems along with the Content Delivery System.

The custom features were fabricated and installed by SACO Technologies Inc. Behind the scenes, a facility-wide central control system designed by Smart Monkeys, Inc. provides a flexible, smart infrastructure that supports ongoing operations and paves the way for future development opportunities. Foundation multimedia content was produced by Float4 under Sardi’s creative direction.


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